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Avoid the Pitfalls: A Step-by-Step Guide to AudioCodes & Teams Integration

In the ever-evolving landscape of enterprise communication, the integration of robust VOIP solutions with Microsoft Teams has become paramount. The AudioCodes VOIP Gateway serves as a critical bridge, connecting the dots between traditional telephony and modern unified communications. This blog post delves into the nitty-gritty of configuring an AudioCodes VOIP Gateway to work seamlessly with

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Changing the background in Teams meetings (and how to add custom ones)

Recently Microsoft has added the possibility to add a background effect to your video stream in Microsoft Teams. This is a very nice ‘gimmick’ feature. Enabling it is as simple as enabling the feature “background effects” during a meeting, to be found under the three dots: And then select the background of your likings. Preview

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Covid-19 and Teams

Volunteering: Help with Microsoft Teams

During these challenging times in the spell of the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home is more relevant than ever. It’s nice to see my kids are using Microsoft Teams to communicate with their teacher and classmates, as also see local communities shifting from traditional get-together to digital video meetings- and online collaboration. Because that’s in

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Louis UC blog – Chapter up!

While my blog was focusing on the more technical topics, now with Microsoft Teams and cloud computing my focus is also shifting to more functional topics as well. While I’m not a fan of just relaying newly enabled features, I’m still working on what the future content of my blog will be. But as a

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