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Lync Server Installation Error: Prerequisite installation failed – Wmf2008R2

On some occasions, when you try to install a Lync Server on Windows Server 2008 R2, you’ll receive an error message stating that one of the prerequisites failed to install: Wmf2008R2. It was already known that sometimes this installer needs a reboot; now it is failing completely. The installer fails with exit code “3”; The

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Failed to register with back-end database after april 2011 updates

Today, after installing the April 2011 updates on one of my Lync Server environments, I’ve encountered a whole bunch of errors after the first reboot. This involved an Standard Edtion Server, its separate mediation and edge servers updated just fine. These errors all pointed in the direction of a database connection error. These errors kept

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Installing updates for Lync Server fails when using UAC

While the first round of updates is already available for some weeks now (mentioned in KB 2493736), I’ve tried to install them with one of my clients. However, installing the update for the Web Components, “WebComponents.msp”, failed. I’ve tried several times, but still it failed and rolled back its configuration changes. Then it shows an

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