Louis UC blog – Chapter up!

While my blog was focusing on the more technical topics, now with Microsoft Teams and cloud computing my focus is also shifting to more functional topics as well. While I’m not a fan of just relaying newly enabled features, I’m still working on what the future content of my blog will be.

But as a start, I’m well willing to re-introduce myself with a restart of this blog: new theme, soon new content and…new tools 😉

Who I am is already to be read in the ‘about’ section, but how am I working today?

Well, for a start I’m mostly working on the platforms of my employer and its clients – Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and added products as Workstreampeople Anywere365. But for my personal experience, I’m rocking an Office 365 tenant for Teams, integrating with a Skype for Business setup in Azure.

Showing off my Home Office include some tools I like the most;

me in my home office

Laptop – Microsoft Surface Pro 6
This is by far the most used equipment, my basis and since years ago I fell in love with its form factor. In my home office, simply connecting it to a larger screen and usb peripherals – what do I need to say more 🙂

Additionally, a desktop PC still in place as long as it lasts, as also a customer-provided laptop for tasks where it’s needed for.

Headset – Poly (formerly known as Plantronics) Voyager 8200 UC
Have to love this one. Headsets have evolved over years and this is my today’s’ favorite. Other vendors developed some nice headsets over time as well – with some of which I’ve been using or testing previously. There I prefer over-ear, active noice cancelling, bluetooth headphones combined with superior sound quality and preferably microphones – the list of headphones already becomes a lot smaller. Add Skype for Business- and Teams compatibility to it, and only a few are left over. Though several years ago, this would be zero.
All of those characteristics are available in the 8200. Added to those I really like the soft/leather-an-fabric padded feel of the headband as also the physical on/off and control buttons. An all-in-one device to use as the perfect headset for Skype and Teams – the microphones do an amazing job filtering out all background noise, without the need of a microphone boom – as also personally to listen Spotify and watch Netflix. And having a battery lasting several days of almost continuous use…

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