Covid-19 and Teams

Volunteering: Help with Microsoft Teams

During these challenging times in the spell of the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home is more relevant than ever.

It’s nice to see my kids are using Microsoft Teams to communicate with their teacher and classmates, as also see local communities shifting from traditional get-together to digital video meetings- and online collaboration.

Because that’s in my field of expertise with Microsoft Teams or even Skype for Business and all surrounded topics. So when my colleague started an initiative to help – I’m joining this without hesitation.

So if you have any questions or dilemmas on the change to working from home, and no (Microsoft) partner or contact to go to I am glad to help! Where as I also have a job to do (remotely :-)) and help on a non-commercial and voluntary basis, just check below URL and schedule some time to try and get your question answered!

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